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EllieBekks Casting provides quality service in the fields of entertainment. We cast professional actors, freelancers and unique characters for commercials, television and feature films in Scandinavia and beyond. 

We roam the earth to find the cast of your dreams, discovering new talent and fresh faces, searching our vast network and online archive of actors, bringing the best possible cast to the production.

We communicate effectively from the initial meeting of the new project to the tiny details of character description.

We are there for you. We adapt, whether it is a deadline shift, character brief or script change, we pride ourselves in rolling with the punches and working hard to get it right.



Gullfisken for BankID / commercial award (2024)

  • Short film Shadowland by director Niels Windfeldt, Aparent (release Spring 2024)

  • Supporting roles on feature film Armand by director Halfdan Ullman Tøndel, Eye Eye Pictures (release Fall 2024

  • Cannes Lions nominee + Gullfisken for Finn Mandag / commercial award (2023)

  • Casting child actors on TV-show R.I.P. Henry (ViaPlay, 2022)

  • Sølvfisken for Bufdir x Fosterhjem / commercial award (2021)

  •  Feature film "Verdens beste pappa" by director Leon Bashir (2020, not released)

Elisabeth Bekkevard
Casting Director

Motivated. Ambitious. Driven.

To meet Elisabeth Bekkevard is to meet the essence of an empowered person. From the moment you see her vibrant fashion choices and electric smile to hearing her infectious laugh, actors realize they are meeting a force of nature and together magic will be created.


For over a decade she worked in the film and television industry in Los Angeles and learned the insight ropes. By working with major Hollywood productions, small budget theater,  acting workshops and helping children write original screenplays  - she has built a foundation of passion for the industry. 


Working in film and following her strong intuition, Elisabeth created a space for herself in the casting world of Norway.  Elisabeth's eye to recognize talent, detail, organization and love of creative people is the very essence of great casting. She is relentless and won't stop until the perfect actors have been cast. In the audition room she directs and works WITH the actors to make them deliver their very best.

Elisabeth continues to learn, create, evolve, improve and relate to the actors and creatives in the moving pictures universe. 


You can find her on summer days tending to her garden and in the winter skiing the mountains and ice-bathing in the fjord.
+47 91730156
Jean Black and white .jpeg
Jean Andersen
Casting Assistant

Jean’s ability to improvise, coordinate and deliver make him a vital asset to Elliebekks.

Jean has an extensive background in theater coupled with a degree in musical artistry from Bårdar Academy in Oslo. He is an accredited producer and the founder of Løvetann Film AS specializing in theater and event documentation. His industry experience ranges from production, casting and camera work with industry gems Motion Blur, Seefood and Oslo Event Studio. Jean gets the most from the actors in the audition room through his passion for the Meisner Technique.
+47 98037704

Aaron Reisberger

Casting Agent

Adventurous. Opportunistic. Entrepreneurial.

Aaron loves actors and the magic of film. His experience as a professional caster is proving challenging and fulfilling. Aaron seeks the truth from the actor in the audition room. A great performance is the goal of any actor and when needed, Aaron searches for the actor's unique nuances in the performance and magnifies it.  The actor’s success is his success. 

Aaron grew up in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in eastern Ohio. Seeking fame, fortune and year-round  sun, Aaron moved to Los Angeles in 2004. 

While in Los Angeles, Aaron teamed with The Young Storytellers Foundation, teaching children how to write their own original screenplays. Aaron shepherded classes of ten children and ten adults through the process of acting improvisation, creative story arc and character development. The class culminated in an original screenplay written by the child and the screenplay performed by professional actors on stage in front of an audience of classmates, family and friends. Witnessing professional actors analyze and perform the scripts in an extremely short period of time educated Aaron on what is and isn’t valuable in the audition room. 


On the weeknights and weekends you will find him cooking up new creations in the kitchen, professional wrestling with his six year old daughter or fixing broken things.
+47 45373803

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