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EllieBekks    Casting

Finding uniquely ordinary people.

Elliebekks Casting brings your story to life!


We cast professional actors, freelancers and unique people for commercials, tv and feature films in Scandinavia and beyond. 


  Elliebekks Casting produces quality service in the field of entertainment. We use 

  our network of production houses, directors and actors to bring the best possible cast to the production.


We thrive on information and communication. We exceed expectations by communicating effectively from the initial meeting of the new project to the tiny details of character description. 

We are there for you. 

We adapt, whether it is a deadline shift, character description or script change, we pride ourselves on rolling with the punches and working hard to get it right.


We think outside the box.

Elliebekks discovers new talent and fresh faces. We call, travel, post, ask, search, follow-up, involve, email, hunt, explore, text, forage, gather, dig, investigate, pursue and roam the earth to find the cast of your dreams. 


Elisabeth Bekkevard
Casting Director

Motivated. Ambitious. Driven.
Elisabeth's eye to recognize talent, detail, organization
and love of creative people is the very essence 
of great casting. With a background as an Industrial
Designer in Barcelona, she continued the journey to a
decade long career in the film and TV 
industry in
Los Angeles. Elisabeth established Elliebekks Casting in
2019 in Oslo, Norway.
+47 91730156
Aaron Reisberger
Casting Agent

Adventurous. Opportunistic. Entrepreneurial.
Aaron has a background in acting and storytelling
from Los Angeles with an emphasis on leadership at The Young Storytellers Foundation.  His focus is the actor experience, script generation and archive devolopment.
+47 45373803

"We know what we are, but know not what we may be."

  • William Shakespeare

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